Friday, April 30, 2010

Interest in Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit Around the World

My postings on the Google Web Toolkit and Google App Engine have generated traffic that would be considered very meager by many standards, but I thought it was enough to see some interesting trends in where these Google tools are being used around the world. This is from my Google Web Analytics account: The top countries are:
  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. India
  4. Germany
  5. Brazil
  6. Colombia
  7. Latvia
  8. France
  9. Australia
  10. Ukraine
Some interesting places on that list!

Hey, my blog is useful!

My post on getting Apache HttpClient working with Google App Engine is referenced from one of Google's official FAQ pages (the "Will It Play with Google App Engine" page)! I feel special.

Passing JVM arguments for junit with maven

Every time I need to do this, google leads me to this help page, which leads me to the following command, which does NOT work (at least not on my version of Maven):
mvn -Dmaven.junit.jvmargs=-verbose test
The proper help page is for the surefire plugin. So the proper way to do it is:
mvn -DargLine=-verbose test

Parallel Computing benchmarks

I've been doing some benchmarking and hope to post some results soon. I have some simple, easily-parallelized code that I've been trying different computing architectures on. These include:
  • Single threaded java
  • Single threaded C
  • Multithreaded java
  • Multithreaded C
  • Vectorized C using x64 SSE Instructions
  • Multi-core computing on an NVIDIA GPU with CUDA
It's been an interesting experiment and hopefully I can post results soon.